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Daily Golf

If golf is your thing and need to play often, the course is open daily for you to practice, great for walking the walk and taking in some of the most beautiful scenery.  Most golfers play on Wednesday and Sunday, with a local competition every Saturday.

Want to join as a member?  This too can be arranged.

Remember to bring your clubs, put on those shoes and be ready for an experience.

Daily Light Lunch

If golfing has left a pang of hunger, or you would like to join someone who has walked the walk, we offer something light to eat from Wednesday to Saturday.  The Backyard supplies all meals, with a special breakfast every Saturday, starting from 9am - available to everyone, even non-golfers.

Call ahead if you are a group.

We are always pleased to serve something good.

Daily Cold Beers

We have cold beers on tap or your favourite in the fridge.  No matter your taste, we should have it available for you to enjoy.  Be it on a cold, breezy day and you would prefer a cup of coffee or tea, or a hot, sunny day and enjoy something cold, The Backyard is there to please.

Wednesday to Sunday, ready and waiting.

Daily Hangout

You don't do the 'golf thing'?  Great! You are still more than welcome to come and hang out at The Backyard, in the sitting area, at the bar or out on the terrace, where you have a view over the beautiful greens, sometimes spotting the local ostrich, oryx, springbok and very shy brown hyena (known to locals as a "strand wolf".

Friends, family, children, elderly, no matter the age, you will enjoy.  The Backyard and Golf Club is wheelchair friendly.

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